Igbo Association Ottawa/Gatineau



President's Statement

Kingsley Ekeke

President – Igbo Association Ottawa-Gatineau

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Igbo Association Ottawa-Gatineau website. Here you will find the goals, mission and activities of the association, reflecting the pride and values of our people. It also conveys our mission and vision, to be a vibrant, cultural and caring association for Igbo people and her friends in Canada’s national capital region.

Our long term goal is to build a legacy and establish a strong presence of Igbo community and culture within Canada’s national capital and environ. To achieve these ideals, it is imperative that all persons of Igbo extraction and friends of Igbos work together and collaboratively to build, and nurture this progressive association that is the pride of our people.

My mission as President is to ensure that steady and measurable progress is continuously being made to achieve the goals set out by the association.

Regardless of the reason you decided to visit our website, I hope you will find what you are looking for and that you will take away an understanding and appreciation of our people and the values we share, and also learn more about our passion, and sense of community building we have committed to, in order to accomplish our mission. Please join us to build a vibrant Igbo community in the Ottawa capital region.

Contact us at Info@igboottawa.ca for any information, or enquiries you may have about us.

Thank you, and God bless.


Mrs. Bernadette Nwaiwu

Vice President

Mrs. Bernadette Nwaiwu is the current vice president and has been the vice president of the Igbo Association since the last two executive committees of the Association. She is the founding member of Igbo Womans Association Ottawa and was once the president of that organization. Mrs. Nwaiwu is arguably the most prominent Igbo woman leader in the Ottawa federal capital region which earned her the title “Nne Igbo nile”

Mrs. Nwaiwu is a senior health professional and has a background in banking and finance. 


Dr. Frank Akujobi


Dr. Frank Akujobi is the current Treasurer of the Igbo Association in Ottawa-Gatineau and is a long-time volunteer on the Executive Board.

A business leader and serial entrepreneur, Dr. Akujobi is the CEO of The Frankware Group, overseeing corporations actively engaged in management consulting, investment management, and other ventures.


Mrs. Gaelle Hammond

Assistant Social Secretary

Mrs. Gaelle Hammond is proud to be serving as the Assistant Social Secretary of Igbo Association, Ottawa-Gatineau, and a member of The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Center/Hospital. Mrs. Hammond is an active scholar with the University of Ottawa pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. Gaelle, Originally from Burundi, became an Igbo woman by marriage, and her love for Igbo Culture has informed her volunteer to serve the Igbo community.


Ms. Kelechi Akwiwu B.A. (Hons.) M.H.A,


Ms. Kelechi Akwiwu is a graduate of the University of Nigeria. She trained and qualified as a Chartered Accountant with the Price Waterhouse accounting firm. She also holds a Masters degree in Health Administration from the University of Ottawa. She is currently retired after a career with the Canadian Public service.

Mr. Chikezirim Nwakanma

Public Relations Officer

Chikezirim Nwakanma is a Diesel Engine Specialist with The city of Ottawa, a Diesel Fleet Maintenance Consultant and a real estate investor.

Mr. Nwakanma is the former financial secretary of Igbo Association Ottawa-Gatineau for seven years and is presently serving as the Public Relations Officer. His love for community service, especially the Igbo community, informed his dedication to the Igbo community in Ottawa and the Nigerian broader community.


Nwanneka Ejiofor (MSW, RSW)

Financial Secretary

Nwanneka Ejiofor is a social worker at the Ministry of the Solicitor General – Ontario Public Service. She is also a member of Ottawa Board of Health.

Chinyere Elizabeth Chibor-Udeozor MA/MPA

Social Secretary

Mrs. Chinyere Elizabeth Udeozor is the Social Secretary Igbo Association Ottawa-Gatineau. Her role in the community has continued to enhance the growth of the Igbo Community.

Mrs. Udeozor is an entrepreneur and the CEO of Pebbles & Diamonds, Canada.